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“It Is Finished” – A Past Tense Salvation

Does God Love the Whole World? Election & John 3:16

Is The Sinner’s Prayer Biblical?

Do All Things Work Together For Good? Rightly Dividing Romans 8:28

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

Dealing with Discouragement, Depression & Suicide

Gospel Salvation of Romans 10

Glory in the Cross

Macedonia PBC Sermon Series

Articles of Faith

What Is The Church?

Conquering Fear

Book of Ruth

Book of Nehemiah

Book of Esther

Song of Solomon

Gospel of John

Book of Philemon

Book of James

Kingdom of Heaven – Overview & Parables

Kingdom of Heaven – The Book of Acts – God’s Pattern for a Thriving Kingdom

A Glorious Resurrection – Exposition of 1st Corinthians 15

Learning Contentment – Exposition of Philippians 4

Living by Faith – Exposition of Hebrews 11

Life, Light & Love – Topical Survey of 1st John

Macedonia’s Annual and Fellowship Meetings

Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast Sermon Series

What Is A Primitive Baptist?

Doctrines of Grace


The Scriptures

The Gospel

Salvation in Time & Eternity

Jesus Christ in the Law

Worship in the New Testament Church

Lessons on Prayer – Lord, Teach Us To Pray

Spiritual Warfare

The Armour of God

The Will of God

Providence of God

Charity & Agape Love

Open Doors

Objections to Absolutism

Exposition of John 3

Exposition of John 6

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