The scriptures should play a very integral role in the life of every child of God. In this series of messages delivered by Pastor David on the Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from January to April 2018, we consider the priority and necessity of the scriptures in our discipleship. After laying the foundation for the divine inspiration and divine preservation of the word of God and the use of the King James Bible, we consider practical points about how do we actually study and meditate on the Bible. God inspired and preserved the scriptures for our benefit and edification here in this world, but do we really love and delight in the word of God to take full advantage of the amazing blessing of the scriptures that we have been given? Hopefully, these messages can exhort us to become more devoted to the study of God’s word.


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Necessity of the Scriptures for God’s Children

Divine Inspiration and Preservation of the Scriptures

Defense of the King James Bible

How to Study the Scriptures

Meditation on the Word of God

Purpose and Profitability of the Scriptures

An Exaltation of God’s Word (Psalm 119)