From August to December 2017, Pastor David preached through the Book of James. This book exhorts us to authentic Christianity, pure religion and undefiled, with our profession of faith in Christ backed up by robust good works to glorify the Lord.


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Introduction to James – James 1:1

Patience in the Midst of Tribulation – James 1:2-7

Man’s Sin and God’s Goodness – James 1:8-17

Pure Religion and Undefiled – James 1:18-27

Fulfilling the Royal Law – James 2:1-13

Faith Without Works Is Dead – James 2:14-20

Justification by Works of Abraham & Rahab – James 2:21-26

Bridling the Untamable Tongue – James 3:1-12

The Wisdom From Above – James 3:13-18

Resist the Devil, Draw Nigh to God – James 4:1-12

The Vapour of Life – James 4:13-5:9

Prayer in the Midst of Affliction – James 5:10-15

Effectual, Fervent Prayer – James 5:16-18

Conversion of the Errant Brother – James 5:19-20