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Recent sermons from Macedonia PBC from Pastor David Wise and certain other visiting ministers.

Kingdom Field Maintenance

When we find the treasure hidden in a field in the kingdom of heaven, we have to buy the whole field to possess the treasure. This field is not a beautiful, smooth, green meadow with a trickling brook. Instead, this field of the kingdom usually has some stumps, stones, and holes that need to be taken care of. We have to be diligent to maintain regular routine maintenance of the field in the kingdom of heaven, otherwise thorns and thistles will grow up to choke out the fruit in the kingdom.


Scripture Cannot Be Broken

We expound on the words of Jesus and the rule of Bible interpretation that he taught, that scripture cannot be broken. We approach scripture with a bedrock foundational rule of interpretation that scipture is perfectly true, no errors or inconsistencies, and cannot be broken. Then, we have a lifetime study of God’s word, line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little and there a little, growing in our knowledge of the scriptures.


More With Us Than Be With Them

Visiting minister Elder John Morgan Owens encourages us from the story of Elisha and his servant to look with spiritual eyes upon the great angelic host that fight on behalf of God’s people that are much greater than any enemies that might surround us in this world.


Lessons on Leadership & the Church

Applying some lessons on leadership to the church, we see some vital lessons that we can apply in the workplace, in any position of leadership, and how we can function better in the church as well.


Knowing the Shepherd’s Voice

All of the Lord’s sheep hear and know the voice of the Good Shepherd. While not all sheep know in depth knowledge of the name or identity of the Shepherd, all of the sheep know the Shepherd’s voice in regeneration. Also, all of the sheep will follow the Shepherd in discipleship, even if through a glass darkly with limited knowledge.


Jesus Christ & Him Crucified

Visiting minister Elder Mike Rodgers brings us back to the central message of the gospel and the church – Jesus Christ and his crucifixion and his subsequent resurrection. This was the central theme of the Apostle Paul’s ministry and preaching in Corinth and is also the central theme of the gospel message of the church here today as well.


A Mother’s Love

On Mother’s Day, we consider the depth of a mother’s love that goes down all the way to the soul. The tenderness and love of mothers to their children is arguably the greatest love this side of heaven. If the love from mothers is so great and deep, how much more so is the love of our God to his children!


Living in Expectation of Christ’s Second Coming

God has instilled inside the heart of his children an expectant looking towards the second coming of Jesus Christ. While we might get busy and not be in tune with that, there is a hope inside of every child of God that expectantly desires and looks forward to Christ’s return. Living in expectation of Christ’s return also has a sanctifying and purifying effect in our lives to make us live more godly in service to Christ.


Following the Good Shepherd

Jesus Christ is the good Shepherd and guides his sheep into the good pasture of the abundant life. The way we lay hold on the abundant life is by following the pattern of the good Shepherd and laying down our life for the sheep. The greatest abundant life is not indulging our own convenience, but in giving our life for the benefit of others, the sheep of the Lord.


Conquering Fear

These messages on conquering fear were delivered by Pastor David at Macedonia from January to April 2024. Fear is a natural emotion that we all have and sometimes struggle with, but fear left unchecked can create torment and bondage in our lives. We consider together the ways in which fear might be expressed in our lives, and also the remedies and weapons the Lord has given us to conquer the spirit of fear.

Click here to download a PDF copy of Conquering Fear (Study Notes)


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Fear Not

Fear of God vs Spirit of Fear

Fear of the Unknown

Fear of Being Overwhelmed (Stress)

Fear of Man

Fear of Death

Remedies for Fear – The Fear of God

Remedies for Fear – Power of Christ

Remedies for Fear – Perfect Love

Remedies for Fear – A Sound Mind

Remedies for Fear – Faith (Believing & Trusting God)

Remedies for Fear – Prayer

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