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Recent sermons from Macedonia PBC from Pastor David Wise and certain other visiting ministers.

Idolizing the Good Old Days

After the completion of the wall, they prepare a census and read the genealogy register from Zerubabbel’s return to Jerusalem. In that day, only 42,360 Jews returned from Babylon, a microscopic remnant from the heyday of Judah, and many Jews chose to not return and just remain in Babylon. The older men wept when they saw the temple’s foundation bemoaning it in comparison to Solomon’s temple, while the younger men shouted for joy for God’s blessings. We need to be thankful for God’s blessings today, and not bemoan we aren’t in the supposed good old days.


Overcoming Distractions, Slander & Fear

With Nehemiah and the Jews nearing completion of the final gates of the Jerusalem wall, their enemies try final attempts to distract them from the work. They try to distract Nehemiah from the great work in an attempt to kill him, spreading slanderous rumors, and trying to get him to disobey God’s word. Nehemiah cuts through all these distractions and they complete the temple in record time in only 52 days.


Quickening Voice of the Son

Jesus Christ affirms to the scoffing Jews several evidences of his equality with the Father and thus his divinity. Particularly, just as the Father quickened the dead back to life in the Old Testament, likewise the Son quickens whom he will by his voice. The children of God are quickened by the voice of the Son of God from dead in trespasses and sins unto life in Christ. Then, at the last day at Christ’s second coming, the voice of the Son will give life to all the bodies in the graves and everyone shall be resurrected by the Son’s voice.


Rolling Away of the Stone

Visiting minister Elder John Morgan Owens considers the stone at the graveyard that separates us from our loved ones. Jesus Christ is the only one with the power to roll the stone away from our soul in regeneration and born us again. Also, at the last day, Jesus Christ will return and resurrect all the bodies in the tombs and every stone of separation will be removed. Praise God that Jesus Christ bring life to roll away the stone of death, both in regeneration and in the final resurrection!


Overcoming Internal Division

Satan’s attempts to stop the rebuilding of the Jerusalem wall through external persecution, so he then tries his number one option – cause division and break unity among God’s people. The wives begin to complain that they can’t feed their families and can’t pay their debt or taxes. Despite fairly legitimate complaints and it being harves time, these dedicated men remained faithful to rebuild the wall, despite even the internal conflict they faced.


The Sword & The Trowel

As Satan galvanizes his forces to try to detract God’s people from rebuilding the wall, Nehemiah responds with measures to set watches and give swords for protection to all the builders. In a spiritual manner, as we build in the kingdom of God, we must be sure to have the sword of the Spirit, the word of God, to protect ourselves from the wiles of the devil.


Sir, I Have No Man

Jesus Christ healed the impotent man by the pool of Bethesda on the sabbath day, much to the dismay of the Pharisees. This impotent man shows the lame, with no power state of man apart from the healing of the Son of God. We cannot choose to come to God for healing, but Christ chooses to bestow healing on who he sees fit, according to his will.


Overcoming External Adversaries & Persecution

As the Lord was blessing his people to begin to rebuild the wall, Satan galvanized his forces to try to distract them from this great work. Beginning with ridicule and mocking and escalating to the threat of murder, Satan tried to instill fear in God’s people to stop them from this great work. However, they pressed through this persecution and overcame the threats to accomplish this supposedly impossible task. We can follow their example and overcome Satan by the blood of the Lamb and by the work of his testimony.


Thy Son Liveth

In Jesus’ second miracle in Galilee, a nobleman comes to request Jesus to come and heal his son at the point of death. This nobleman initially limits Jesus that he most come to his home to heal his son in person. However, Jesus declares his soveriegnty and power by healing the son by just the command of his word. Despite the father’s initial limitations of Christ’s power, the Lord still blessed healing over and above the father’s limitations.


Rebuilding our Individual Portions of the Wall

The Lord details the individuals and families that worked together over against their own homes to do a great collective work of rebuilding the wall. How was this great task accomplished? By individual families, devoted and committed to rebuilding the portion of the wall next to their own homes. In like manner, we must all take responsibility for our portion of the wall in the kingdom of God, to repair any breaches to where the whole wall is secure and strong against the relentless attacks of Satan.


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