From May to August 2019, Pastor David preached through the book of Ruth. This amazing story of God’s providence shows us how God is oftentimes working behind the scenes in our lives with his unseen hand of providence, even unknown to us at the time.


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The Misery of Moab – Ruth 1:1-13

Unconditional Commitment of Love – Ruth 1:14-22

Grace in the Field of Boaz – Ruth 2:1-12

Principles of Godly Attraction & Marriage – Ruth 2:1-16

God’s Unseen Hand of Providence – Ruth 2:14-23

The Midnight Proposal – Ruth 3:1-18

Our Kinsman Redeemer – Ruth 4:1-12

Consummation of the Redeemer’s Marriage – Ruth 4:13-17

Geneology of Broken People – Ruth 4:18-22