These messages were delivered by Pastor David on the Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from April to November 2022. There is a spiritual warfare that rages around us every day. We need to be equipped to understand the reality of this battle, know our enemy and his devices, and have confidence of God’s protection and defense of his children in the heat of these daily battles. We consider this spiritual warfare together to better equip the church to fight well in this daily battle of faith.


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Spiritual Warfare – Part 1

Spiritual Warfare – Part 2

Spiritual Warfare – Part 3

Our Enemies – The Devil, Part 1

Our Enemies – The Devil, Part 2

Our Enemies – Unclean Spirits

Our Enemies – The Beast

Our Enemies – The World

Our Enemies – The Flesh

Knowing Satan’s Devices – Part 1

Knowing Satan’s Devices – Part 2

Knowing Satan’s Devices – Part 3

Knowing Satan’s Devices – Part 4

Our Defenses – The Armour of God (Sermon Series)

Our Defenses – God’s Providential Hedge

Our Defenses – Angelic Protection, Part 1

Our Defenses – Angelic Protection, Part 2

Our Defenses – God’s Word & Prayer

Our Defenses – Overcoming Faith & Our Final Victory