Man’s nature tries to deflect blame for his own wicked actions to such a degree that some reach an erroneous conclusion that God has decreed all events that have or will occur in the world, which is commonly known as the doctrine of absolute predestination. Absolutism, when followed to its logical conclusion, will incorrectly make God the source of all the wickedness we see in the world around us, which is entirely contrary to the holy nature of God revealed in scripture. It’s an entirely incorrect worldview that tries to blame God for evil and wickedness that is in the world solely by the sin of man. On the contrary, any goodness and any measure of peace we find in this world is attributed to God alone. In summary, man gets all the blame for the wickedness of this world, and God gets all the glory for the goodness and blessings that we see in the world around us.  In these radio messages from the Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast delivered from October to December 2017, Pastor David details the errors of the doctrine of absolutism, while also giving the proper perspective of God’s overruling providence in the lives of His children.


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Objections to Absolutism – God’s Holiness and Man’s Sin

Objections to Absolutism – God’s Sovereignty and Man’s Responsibility

Objections to Absolutism – All Things Do Not Work Together for Good

Objections to Absolutism – God’s Overruling Providence

Objections to Absolutism – Scriptural Evidences of Alternative Outcomes