These messages were delivered by Pastor David on the Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from June 2021 to November 2021. There is arguably nothing more important in the Christian life than a fervent and diligent prayer life. Let us learn from the instruction of Jesus Christ for how we are to pray unto our Heavenly Father.


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Secret Devotion in Prayer

The Model Prayer, Part 1

The Model Prayer, Part 2

The Model Prayer, Part 3

The Model Prayer, Part 4

Labouring Fervently in Prayer, Part 1

Labouring Fervently in Prayer, Part 2

Effectual, Fervent Prayer of the Righteous

Persistence in Prayer

Prayers of the Early Church in Acts

Examples of Prayer, Part 1

Examples of Prayer, Part 2

Limitations in Prayer

Praying Always & Without Ceasing

Is “The Sinner’s Prayer” Biblical?


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The Model Prayer (Lord, Teach Us To Pray)

Labouring Fervently in Prayer

Is “The Sinner’s Prayer” Biblical?


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