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The Church In Its First Love, Part 2

One generation after the amazing establishment of the Ephesian church, the church had left its first love and was in danger of loosing their candlestick. In a historical background of the Ephesian church, we examine the early days of the church and what a church in its first love doing the first works looks like in action.


I Am The Resurrection & The Life

Before Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, he declared I am the resurrection and the life. Jesus is the source of all life, of all revival, of any resurrection. There might be circumstances in our lives that we feel are dead and past any ability to be revived – a dead relationship, a dead marriage, a dead church, or any other situation with no life. If we pray believing in Jesus as the life, while submitting to God’s will, we can see a special manifestation of the glory of God when we believe in Jesus as the life with the ability to resurrect any dead situation.


The Church In Its First Love

In beginning to examine the Ephesian church, we look at the establishment of the church and what a church in its first love looks like. Just one generation after the start of the Ephesian church, they had left their first love and were called to repent and return to the first works. We examine the amazing movement of the Holy Spirit in Ephesus when the church began which shows what a church in its first love looks like.


The Only Begotten Son

On this Father’s Day, we think about the depth of love between God the Father and Jesus Christ as the only begotten Son of God. The love of God towards his Son is truly indescribable. God the Father was even willing to bruise the Son he loved so much for his people, the bride of Christ, to be redeemed to live with God in heaven. Also, the Son joyfully endured the suffering of the cross for the joy of his bride in heaven with him at his second coming.


Sickness Unto the Glory of God

It is sometimes very confusing when God seems to wait in answering prayers, or even if it’s not in accordance with his will to answer our prayers in the way we expect. Many people were perplexed that Jesus waited when his beloved friend Lazarus was sick and ultimately died. However, even though it did not make sense for 4 days, Jesus declared this sickness was ultimately unto the glory of God. Just as with many circumstances in our lives, in hindsight we can see the glory of God even when we have to endure sufferings.


Seeking the Pearl of Great Price

The kingdom of God is the pearl of great price that is worthy of selling all that we have to possess that pearl. This parable presents a merchant man who is well versed in beautiful jewels, but he’s still seeking something better than what he has. What is it about our church that will convince someone that this pearl is worthy of selling all they have to possess that pearl? In our churches, they should find a greater experience and fellowship with Jesus Christ than they do anywhere else.


Kingdom Field Maintenance

When we find the treasure hidden in a field in the kingdom of heaven, we have to buy the whole field to possess the treasure. This field is not a beautiful, smooth, green meadow with a trickling brook. Instead, this field of the kingdom usually has some stumps, stones, and holes that need to be taken care of. We have to be diligent to maintain regular routine maintenance of the field in the kingdom of heaven, otherwise thorns and thistles will grow up to choke out the fruit in the kingdom.


Scripture Cannot Be Broken

We expound on the words of Jesus and the rule of Bible interpretation that he taught, that scripture cannot be broken. We approach scripture with a bedrock foundational rule of interpretation that scipture is perfectly true, no errors or inconsistencies, and cannot be broken. Then, we have a lifetime study of God’s word, line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little and there a little, growing in our knowledge of the scriptures.


More With Us Than Be With Them

Visiting minister Elder John Morgan Owens encourages us from the story of Elisha and his servant to look with spiritual eyes upon the great angelic host that fight on behalf of God’s people that are much greater than any enemies that might surround us in this world.


Lessons on Leadership & the Church

Applying some lessons on leadership to the church, we see some vital lessons that we can apply in the workplace, in any position of leadership, and how we can function better in the church as well.


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