Click on the links below to purchase books written by Primitive Baptist authors in an expository, verse-by-verse format from each book of the Bible.

Nehemiah – Rebuild! Discipleship Lessons from Nehemiah, by Bryce Lowrance

Esther – The Writings of Elder John Respess, by John Respess

Habakkuk – A Primitive Baptist Perspective on Habakkuk, by Joshua Winslett

Matthew 5-7 – The Sermon on the Mount, by Michael Gowens

Luke – The Gospel of Luke, by Michael Gowens

John – Exposition of the Gospel of John, by Michael Gowens

Acts – Study Notes on the Book of Acts, by Benjamin Winslett

Romans – Romans: Theological Masterpiece (Volume 1), by Joe Holder

Romans – Romans: Theological Masterpiece (Volume 2), by Joe Holder

Galatians – A Primitive Baptist Perspective on Galatians, by Joshua Winslett

Galatians – Comments on Galatians, by Harold Hunt

Ephesians – Comments on Ephesians, by Harold Hunt

Philippians – Comments on Philippians, by Harold Hunt

1st & 2nd Timothy & Titus – The Pastoral Epistles, by Michael Gowens

Hebrews – Hebrews: Expository Essays Series, by Michael Gowens

1st Peter – Lessons from 1st Peter, by Joe Holder

1st Peter – The Exhortations of Peter, by JC Stanaland

2nd Peter – An Exhortation to Good Behavior, by JC Stanaland

1st John – Expository Essays on 1st John, by Michael Gowens

Revelation 2-3 – The Seven Churches of Asia, by Michael Gowens

Revelation – Revelation: Images of Redemptive History, by Joe Holder