The struggle of couples trying to conceive and have children is one of the most difficult seasons of life and marriage. When we might see others around us conceiving much easier, it is hard to not let unfulfillment, jealousy, and bitterness creep into our mind. We know that we are supposed to be content in whatever state we are in, but contentment is a great challenge for the barren couple. We wonder why the Lord has not blessed us with the answer to our prayers, and most of the time we will never receive a perfect answer to that question. Scripture affirms the barren womb is never satisfied, and some women preferred death to barrenness. The struggle, grief, and burden of soul is deep. We hope to be able to consider this topic from the word of God and receive balm from the scriptures of both God’s sovereignty and his tender care towards his children struggling through this season of life and marriage.

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