The proper treatment and use of alcohol by Christians is a very controversial and challenging topic to navigate. We attempt to consider the scriptural presentation of alcohol and drunkenness and we need to be careful to do all things in moderation.

Click here to view and download a PDF of Christians & Alcohol for a detailed treatment of alcohol in the scriptures.

“The scriptures permit the Christian to exercise their Christian liberty in the consumption of alcohol in moderation. However, there are great dangers and sins to consuming alcohol in excess in drunkenness. We need to be cognizant of the possibility of being a stumbling block to other weaker Christians and never to put ourselves in a position to bring reproach on our good name, our family, our church, and ultimately to bring reproach on Jesus Christ. The consumption of alcohol is lawful under Christian liberty, but we need to evaluate how expedient and edifying that is to ourselves or to others. We must all determine the liberty of conscience we feel comfortable exercising in this area of Christian liberty. Finally, we must all be fully persuaded in our own mind as to the conviction of our conscience because ultimately, we all individually stand or fall before our own Master, Jesus Christ.”