Tuesday, July 19

Tuesday, July 9
– Flight from Atlanta to Amsterdam. 3:21pm to 5:55am (Amsterdam+7 hours, 7:30 flight)
Wednesday, July 10
– Flight from Amsterdam to Nairobi, Kenya. 12:55pm to 9:50pm (8:00 flight) 
Thursday, July 11
– Flight from Nairobi, Kenya to Kisumu, Kenya. 6:15am to 7:05am.
– Drive from Kisumu to Kisii to Mash Park Hotel
Friday, July 12
– Study the word with brethren at Mash Park Hotel
– Total Depravity, by Paul Blair
– New Birth, by Charles Kitchens
– Lunch
– Election, by David Wise
– Prosperity Gospel/Charismatic Movement – Silas Ford 
Saturday, July 13
– Worship, Baptism, and Preaching at Tendere Fellowship
9 am arrival in Tendere primitive Baptist church and children center 
9:30 to 10 am -singing and prayers 
10:am to 10:30 am children singinga and memory verses from
10:30 to 11:30 am -elder David speak
11:30 to 12 pm -bro Joe speak from
12:pm to 12:20 pm – brother Charles speak 
From 12:05pm to 12:30pm voter of thanks and church history
From 12:30 pm to 1:00pm baptism and slender Bibles for new folks whom received baptism 
1:45 shere lunch with children ,community and holy fellowship
2:30pm the team speak with orphans Advice orphans and see the children sleeping 
3:00pm -elder wise and the team meat Douglas and wife,
3:30pm -open air -elder David speak ,Joe,Charles, and the quest speak for 15 minutes 
5pm -pray for new folks and closing prayers from brother Joe 
Thanks well come Kenya ,love you all in Christ
Sunday, July 14
– Joint worship service, hosted by First PBC of Kisii Kenya
Churches for the joint worship Sunday:
1. Bombure PBC. 
2.Kiorina PBC, 
3. Entanda PBC, 
4. First PBC of Kenya Kisii (venue/host)
5. Misesi PB Fellowship. 
6. Bondeka PB Fellowship 
7. Masosa PB Fellowship
Monday, July 15
– Study word with brethren at Mash Park hotel 
– Justification- Derrick Kitchens 
– Purpose of the Gospel – Paul Blair 
– Musical Instruments – Charles Kitchens 
– Studying the Word of God – Silas Ford
Tuesday, July 16
– David Wise
– Derrick Kitchens 
– Lunch
– travel back to Kisumu
– Flight from Kisumu, Kenya to Nairobi, Kenya. 6:40pm to 7:30pm
– Flight from Nairobi, Kenya to Amsterdam. 11:40pm to 6:55am
Wednesday, July 17
– Flight from Amsterdam to Atlanta. 8:35am to 12:09pm
Paul Blair and Charles Kitchens additional itinerary 
Wednesday, July 17
– Bro Charles and Paul stay at Kisii and teach at Mash Park or visit churches and fellowships
Thursday, July 18
– Bro Charles and Paul travel to Kisumu and then to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 
Friday, July 19 to Sunday, July 21
– Preach at Dar es Salaam. Possibly travel to Dodoma 
Monday, July 22 to Wednesday, July 24
– Teach and visit within Tanzania. Possibly visit the fellowship at Mandera and Dodoma
Thursday, July 25
– Flight from Dar es Salaam to Atlanta. Flight doesn’t leave till 4:00pm
Friday, July 26
– Arrive in Atlanta 

Bro David Wise