These messages were delivered by Pastor David on the Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from April to ___ 2022.


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Spiritual Warfare – Part 1

Spiritual Warfare – Part 2

Spiritual Warfare – Part 3

Our Enemies – The Devil, Part 1

Our Enemies – The Devil, Part 2

Our Enemies – Unclean Spirits

Our Enemies – The Beast

Our Enemies – The World

Our Enemies – The Flesh

Knowing Satan’s Devices – Part 1

Knowing Satan’s Devices – Part 2

Knowing Satan’s Devices – Part 3

Our Defenses – The Armour of God (Sermon Series)

Our Defenses – God’s Providential Hedge

Our Defenses – Angelic Protection

Our Defenses – God’s Word and Prayer

Our Defenses – Overcoming Faith

Our Final Victory