From November 2022 to ___ on Wednesday nights, Pastor David preached through the Gospel of John.

In introducing the Gospel of John, we also considered a topical survey of 1st John which presents similar major themes as John’s gospel. Sermons from 1st John can be found here.


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Introduction to the Gospel of John

In the Beginning was the Word – John 1:1-3

The True Light – John 1:4-9

Becoming the Sons of God – John 1:10-13

Full of Grace and Truth – John 1:14-18

A Voice Crying in the Wilderness – John 1:19-28

Behold the Lamb of God – John 1:29-34

Come and See – John 1:35-46

Under the Fig Tree – John 1:47-51

Marriage Supper of the Lamb – John 2:1-11

Cleansing of the Temple – John 2:12-25

Ye Must Be Born Again – John 3:1-8

For God So Loved the World – John 3:9-21

He Must Increase, But I Must Decrease – John 3:22-36

The Living Water – John 4:1-15

Worship in Spirit and in Truth – John 4:16-24

Come See a Man – John 4:25-31

Fields White to Harvest – John 4:32-43

Thy Son Liveth – John 4:44-54

Sir, I Have No Man – John 5:1-15


Click here to purchase a book on this topic, Exposition of the Gospel of John by Michael Gowens.