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The Bride’s Redemption Story – Audio

Brother Joe Ott introduces and Pastor David Wise concludes the story of the bride of Christ’s redemption. Coming from the humble beginnings of being cast out into the field and left alone, God covenanted to wed and save his bride. In spite of the bride’s infidelity, our Husband Jesus Christ still remains faithful to his marriage covenant even when we fail our Lord.


Lively Hope – Audio

2020 Fellowship Meeting. Pastor David Wise reminds us of the lively hope we have through Jesus Christ and his resurrection from the dead. We do not live miserably with no hope in this world, but we are saved by hope, looking with a joyful expectation towards the final culmination of our hope, which is the glorious appearing of the second coming of Christ.


From Water to Wine – Audio

2020 Fellowship Meeting. Elder Rusty Wise teaches from Jesus’ first miracle, the turning of water into wine. We see Jesus’ sovereignty over his creation and his providence to provide for his children during their time of need.


Keep Thy Heart – Audio

2020 Fellowship Meeting. Lic. John Morgan Owens emphasizes the need to guard and keep our hearts, for out of our hearts are all the issues of life. Our hearts can easily be deceived and led astray, and therefore we must keep our hearts in purity before the Lord.


What To Do In Uncertain Times? – Audio

2020 Fellowship Meeting. Elder Chris McCool gives us encouragement for how to respond to uncertain times in our lives. Using the example of King Uzziah and the uncertain time of his death, we see the necessity of seeing the Lord high and lifted up in the house of God when we are struggling through uncertain times here in this world.


Entering Into Rest – Audio

2020 Fellowship Meeting. Elder Darren Owens presents the rest for the child of God in trusting in the finished work of Christ. God rests from his labors when he is finished with a work, and the work of salvation is complete in Jesus Christ. We need to labor to enter into the gospel rest in the kingdom of God, trusting in the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross.


Knowing the Father – Audio

2020 Fellowship Meeting. Elder Steve Weaver teaches the necessity of divine revelation to know God the Father. Now for those who have been touched by God’s revelation, now they can come unto the Lord who are heavy laden to relieve their burdens and to take the easy yoke of Christ upon them.


Congregational Singing – Audio

2020 Fellowship Meeting. Congregational Singing, Saturday Morning and Afternoon.


Helpers of Your Joy – Audio

2020 Fellowship Meeting. Elder Larry Wise presents the ministry not as adversaries for the church, but rather as helpers of the elect’s joy. God called men to preach to further and help God’s children to be full here in their lives in service to God.


When You Pass Through Trials – Audio

2020 Fellowship Meeting. Elder Tony Lester gives encouragement for us in the midst of trials. Even in the midst of the floods, in the overwhelming rivers, and even in the fire, God is still with his children. In the midst of every tribulation and trial of this life, Jesus Christ will never leave us or forsake us and will give us grace sufficient for every fiery trial in our life.


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