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Recent sermons from Macedonia PBC from Pastor David Wise and certain other visiting ministers.

The Son of Consolation

Barnabas was so devoted to exhorting, consoling, and encouraging his brethren, the apostles gave him the name of the son of consolation. We see Barnabas’ encouraging nature, standing up for Paul and John Mark when it was very unpopular to put his arm around them. Then, Jesus Christ is the ultimate Son of Consolation, the Consolation of Israel, giving us everlasting consolation in his grace.


Apostles, Prophets & Evangelists

We consider the first 3 of 4 gifts of the gospel ministry. God called apostles and prophets for a specific purpose in the establishment of the early church, but those gifts are vacant today. We consider the pattern for the gift of an evangelist by following the life of Philip the Evangelist. Philip preached Jesus in Samaria, sparking a revival. Left prosperity in Samaria to preach to one eunuch in the desert; then preached in all the cities till he arrived at Caesarea where he ministered and evangelized for possibly the next 20 years.


God’s Faithfulness Through Temptation

We see from 1 Cor. 10:13 that God is faithful in all our temptations to strengthen us and make a way of escape to be able to bear it. God will oftentimes put more on us than we can bear in ourselves, but there is no trial too great that we cannot bear by looking to God’s faithfulness and power. We need to flee temptation when we have the ability. If we are not able to flee, God has promised grace sufficient to faithfully endure in all our trials.

Preached for Tyler PBC (Tyler, TX) Salt & Light Meeting


Teach & Make Disciples

One of the primary purposes of Jesus Christ’s Church is to teach and make disciples. The gospel does not give one eternal life, but it simply manifests and illuminates the finished work of salvation by Jesus Christ on the cross. It is the responsibility and joyful privilege of every member of the Lord’s church to preach the gospel – to go home and tell your friends and family what great things the Lord has done for you!


El Roi – The God Who Sees Me

Just like Hagar in the wilderness, sometimes we feel all alone and think that no one knows our sorrow or pain. Instead, that is when God manifests to us that does see us, he does hear our affliction. Jesus Christ sees everything, and he sees and knows the burdens and pain of our hearts. Then, being reminded that God sees us, we need to see God. When we see God high and lifted up, the sorrows and pain of this world melt away from the vision of the Son of God.


Charity – The Most Excellent Way

When we administer our spiritual gifts in the church, we must always remember to treat one another in charity, love in action. It doesn’t matter what great spiritual gifts we have or what supposed great things we might do for God, if we don’t do those things in charity, we are nothing. We must exhibit agape love, charity, towards our brothers and sisters in the church, loving others the way that God has loved us.


Exhortations for Unity Among Spiritual Gifts

After we are given the 7 spiritual gifts in the church, we then are given 21 exhortations for how we are to walk in unity among the diversity of spiritual gifts. We must show agape love without hypocrisy. We must prefer others above ourselves. We must rejoice in hope, continue instant in prayer, put on the mind of Christ, be given to hospitality, and may other needful exhortations for unity among the diversity of spiritual gifts in the church.


Salvation Coming to Your House

We consider the great example of Zaccheus’ faith who had Jesus come into his house to commune with him. He had the blessing of feeling salvation personally in his home and the deliverance that comes from believing in Jesus Christ. We then look at other examples of deliverance and salvation coming into the homes of God’s people when they were obedient unto the Lord.


Our Walk of Faith

Visiting speaker Brother Joe Ott considers the description of our walk of faith from Romans 12. We commanded to present our bodies a living sacrifice, proving the will of God. We ought to use our spiritual gifts to edify the entire body of Christ. We have to show agape and brotherly love to our kindred in the church, and many other needful exhortations for how we ought to walk in faith, serving the Lord.


God’s Providence

Visiting minister Lic. Ben Shettles considers God’s great provision for Elijah the prophet. Elijah was sustained at the brook with ravens in the midst of the drought. Then, after the brook dried up, the Lord in his providence directed Elijah to a widow who was on her last meal. God used some very uncommon means in the ravens and the widow to sustain his prophet during this severe drought.


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