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Learning Contentment in Godly Examples

It’s vitally important for the Christian’s manner of life to validate the faith in Christ that he professes. We need to live in a way that we are not ashamed for others to follow in our example and follow in our footsteps. We have all, no doubt, been blessed by seasoned men and women who have set godly examples and given us wisdom in years past. Now, we need to be those godly examples and mentors to others in our lives.


Learning Contentment in Godly Thinking

Nothing is more vital for the child of God than to keep/guard our minds, to bring every thought into captivity unto the obedience of Christ. Our minds are so prone to stray to vain, earthly, carnal things, and Satan is seeking to corrupt and blind our minds. We have to be very purposeful to “choose” to think on good things. We are given 8 attributes of godly thinking: think (meditate) on things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, of good report, if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think continually on these things.


Learning Contentment in Peace

There is no peace in this world for the child of God. This world is only full of tribulation and trouble that can quench the peace of our souls. Instead, the source of all peace in this world in Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace. Even in a world around us that is only filled with trouble, we cannot let the trouble of this world get down in our hearts. When we abide in Jesus Christ and abide in the Holy Spirit, we can experience a peace that passes all understanding.


The Faith of Moses, Part 2

Moses continues to display bold faith in his forsaking of Egypt to endure affliction with the people of God. We also see his strong faith in commanding Israel to observe the Passover, when it probably didn’t make sense to them. Then, Moses’ amazing faith in believing and proclaiming God’s salvation at the banks of the Red Sea, even before God had told him how he would ultimately deliver Israel from the Egyptians.


Learning Contentment in Prayer

If we are truly going to be content in this world, we must offer up our burdens and cares to God in prayer. When our minds are fearful, anxious, and burdened with care, there is an amazing release valve in offering those cares up unto God and leaving those burden with him in prayer. We pray unto God with thanksgiving, praising him for our eternal salvation and petitioning the throne of grace, hoping to receive unmerited favor that we do not deserve.


Learning Contentment in Moderation

The child of God is called to live a moderate life – not too high, not too low, gentle, not aggressive, deferring to help others. When we learn to be content with our possessions, we don’t desire to covet more than we have. We attempt to use our finances and money as good stewards of what God has entrusted to us, not desiring and coveting more but living in moderation.


The Faith of Moses, Part 1

We see the faith of Moses’ parents in disobeying the command of Pharaoh, preserving the life of their son and saving innocent life from the wicked decree of the king. Moses also exhibits a bold faith in rejected the seasonal pleasures of sin in Egypt and choosing to suffer with God’s people and to partake of the reproach of Jesus Christ with his people.


Necessity of In-Person Fellowship

During this time separated from public worship, this has highlighted the necessity for in-person fellowship with the church. It’s great to be able to communicate with each other through digital means, but that cannot replace the fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ in person. We receive comfort and joy from our fellowship one with another, and long to see our dear friends when we are separated. Ultimately, when we meet one with another and speak of the Lord together, we not only have fellowship with each other but most importantly we have fellowship with our Savior Jesus Christ.


Learning Contentment in Joy

Jesus Christ is the only true source of Joy for the child of God. Therefore, our lives should be characterized by rejoicing always, unconditionally expressing joy in our lives. We can even exhibit joy and rejoice in the fiery trials of this life. Actually, there is arguably no greater Christian testimony to others in our lives than rejoicing even in the midst of severe trials in this world.


The Faith of Joseph

We examine the amazing example of the faith of Joseph. Joseph was mistreated, falsely accused, imprisoned, overlooked, but in spite of those difficult circumstances was eventually elevated by God. Joseph lived his entire life by faith, trusting in God even in the most difficult moments of his life. This life of faith is culminated by Joseph’s request on his death bed for his bones to be taken from Egypt and buried in his homeland.


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