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Recent sermons from Macedonia PBC from Pastor David Wise and certain other visiting ministers.

Radical Repentance & Faith, Part 2

The consistent message of the original church was to call men to repent and place their faith in Christ to press into the kingdom. The display of repentance and faith is the basic building block of the kingdom of God. When we see the Spirit move in a powerful way, we also see radical conversions. Radical, drastic changes in the manner of life that give testimony to the power of God and draw others into the kingdom of God.


Cleansing of the Temple

In Jesus’ first public act after the announcement of his public ministry by his first miracle of turning water into wine, in Jerusalem, his first act was to cleanse the temple of filthy lucre. Jesus did the same thing three years later in his first act after his triumphal entry, he cleansed the temple again. The Lord expects purity in his house in the church and holiness in the temple of our bodies as well.


Mary & The Virtuous Women

On this Mother’s Day message, we reflect on the godly, virtuous women in our lives. In particular, we look at Mary, the mother of Jesus, and her example of thoughtfulness and devotion. There was a faithful group of virtuous women who remained faithful even unto the end – even after the male disciples all fled away, the faithful virtuous women remained, at both the cross and the empty tomb of Jesus Christ.


Christ’s Love & Desire for His Bride

Despite all her shortcomings, it is absolutely astounding that Jesus Christ loved his bride, the church, enough to die for her sins. This bride is not beautiful but defiled, ugly, and wretched. Christ loved us in that state and covenanted to save us. Even more than that, on a daily basis the church is the desire of Jesus Christ. Christ rejoices over his bride, and we are his desire!


Water to Wine

Jesus could have chosen any venue to perform his first miracle, but he chose the wedding feast of his friends to turn water into wine. The servants were obedient to obey Christ and filled the waterpots all the way up to the brim. Then Christ did his parts and miraculously transformed that water into wine. This first miracle pointed towards the love story of all of eternity, the romance between Christ and his bride, that will culminate in the marriage supper of the Lamb at the return of our beloved Husband.


Radical Repentance & Faith

The consistent message of the original church was repentance and faith. The apostles called upon those in their preaching to repent of their sins and place their faith in Jesus Christ and submit to believer’s baptism. Repentance and baptism is the entrance point into the kingdom of heaven. Also, repentance and faith do not end with baptism, it only begins. Every disciple of Christ goes through a consistent pattern of repentance and renewing their faith in Jesus Christ.


Joyful Noise Unto the Lord

Lic. Morgan Sims considers the consistent admonition in the psalms that continues into the New Testament that we are to make a joyful noise in worship unto our God. The Lord has done so much for us that it is our blessed privilege to present our bodies a living sacrifice back unto him in worship, particularly with our voices in singing.


Walking in the Fear of the Lord

What do we fear? What fear is the primary determining factor that dictates our actions? The reverential awe and fear of Almighty God has to be the primary consideration in our actions. If we let the fear of man, the fear of failure, the fear of other people’s opinions, or any other fear control our actions, we will inevitably compromise God’s word. Let us walk in the fear of the Lord, and serve God with a pure conscience.


The Gate of Heaven

Jesus Christ affirmed to Nathaniel that he was the expression of Jacob’s ladder that we find back in Gen. 28. Jesus was the ladder upon which angels ascend and descend upon, the only connecting link between heaven and earth. Jacob had a profound experience with the Lord in what he called the house of God, Beth-El, the gate of heaven. In like manner today, we have special communion and fellowship with God in the church, the house of God, which is the gate of heaven here for us as well.


Truly This Was the Son of God

We consider the amazing testimony of the centurion at the death of Christ that “Truly this was the Son of God!” This centurion was in charge of the scourging, the mocking, and the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. However, by the time Christ gave up the ghost and a great earthquake came, the attitude of this centurion changed. He displayed the evidences of conversion (if not regeneration) and declared the testimony of the church which was confirmed at Jesus’ resurrection – that truly Jesus of Nazareth was the Son of God!


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