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Recent sermons from Macedonia PBC from Pastor David Wise and certain other visiting ministers.

Bold, Public Preaching of the Gospel

One of the most vital mandates of the original church was a commitment and focus on preaching the gospel externally to people outside the church. God’s ordained means of growth and expansion of the kingdom is the preaching of the gospel. We need to recommit to an external focus on sharing God’s word with those outside the church to grow and expand the kingdom of God.


Full of Grace & Truth

We see that the Word was made flesh and dwelt (tabernacled) among mortal men for some 33.5 years. When God became a man in Jesus Christ, he was full of grace and truth. Now, Christ bestows so much grace upon grace, abounding grace in our lives unto his people. Christ is so rich in grace, he will never run out of bestowing unmerited favor unto his dear children.


Wait on the Holy Spirit – God Giveth the Increase

In God’s growth in his kingdom, the first step is actually to wait. We must wait on the Holy Spirit to guide and direct and open the right doors at the right time. It is difficult to wait patiently on the Lord’s will, and not get impatient and make poor decisions. God is the only one who gives increase in the kingdom of God. We may through different seasons in the church, planting, watering, purging, and then hopefully increase. Let us not be weary in well doing during what might appear to be the lean seasons in the kingdom of God.


Expansion of the Kingdom of Heaven, Part 3

In the latter half of the book of Acts, we see the amazing pattern for growth and expansion of the kingdom of God. Everywhere Paul went, he boldly preached the gospel publicly and then some were converted to believe the truth. We see the power of the Holy Spirit moving all throughout this book as many people were converted to the truth by the simple preaching of gospel.


Expansion of the Kingdom of Heaven, Part 2

In the book of Acts, we see God’s pattern for the growth, advancement, and expansion of the kingdom of heaven. Amazing things happen in a thriving kingdom that we see lived out in the early first century church. Today we examine Acts 6-16, seeing how the Lord blessed his early disciples in amazing ways in the kingdom of God.


Becoming the Sons of God

Do we have the power to become the sons of God by belief in Jesus Christ? Belief is the evidence, not the cause of eternal salvation. We “become” – we manifest and come onto the stage for public appearance – the sons of God in the eyes of those around us when we live out the life of Christ by our actions. There is no greater public identifying mark of a child of God than belief in Jesus Christ, and good works to back up and manifest that belief.


Expansion of the Kingdom of Heaven

In the book of Acts, we see the first chapter of the autobiography of the church. We see the amazing expansion and growth of the kingdom of heaven throughout the whole world. We begin to examine the attributes and identifying marks of the thriving kingdom of God in the original first century church. In Acts, we see what the kingdom of heavens looks like in action and sets the standard that the church today must strive towards.


The Shepherds’ Gospel

The very first group of people to receive the good news of the gospel from the angel after the birth of Christ is the shepherds. These shepherds were just doing their duty, lowly hard working men who kept the sheep, and God chose them to be first people to receive the gospel message. Then due to the great joy they had from these good tidings, they went and told many other friends of the good news of the Savior’s birth.


Wrestling with God

We see from the account of Jacob wrestling with a man all night before his possible deadly encounter with Esau the next day, that many times we struggle and wrestle with God in our lives. We do not rebel against God’s will or sovereignty, but God will oftentimes bring circumstances into our life to allow us to struggle and then grow stronger in our faith. When we wrestle with God in prayer with the right attitude, we will see some amazing experiences of seeing God’s face in our lives as well, just as Jacob did as he was delivered from Esau.

Preached at Tyler PBC (Tyler, TX) on 12/18/2022.


The True Light

Jesus Christ as the Word in natural creation spoke and darkness was vanished and overcome by light. Christ is the source of all life and light, both natural and spiritual. Jesus was the True Light that came into the world, in contrast to the false light and deception of Lucifer. As John the Baptist came to bear witness of the Light, we should follow his example and bear witness of the True Light today as the light of the world.


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