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Recent sermons from Macedonia PBC from Pastor David Wise and certain other visiting ministers.

Back to Basics – Total Depravity & God’s Love

When we consider God’s salvation of sinners, if we properly understand man’s dead in sins, totally depraved state then we can easily see that our only hope must be in God’s unmerited favor and grace. In our sinful natures, there is none good, none righteous, no not one. Man is not sick or drowning, but he is dead with no ability to come unto God. Then, when we see how wretched we are in our nature, what a sweet sound when we hear the message of salvation by grace alone and the finished work of Jesus Christ and God’s incomprehensible love towards us!


The New Birth

In considering a topical survey of the gospel of John and then 1st John, we consider the prevalent theme of the new birth. How are men born again? Are men born again by their own will, by an action/work they perform? No, we are only born again by grace, by the immediate work of the Holy Spirit in our soul based on God’s will, not our will. Now that we have a new nature in our soul, we should live out that new nature in our actions to glorify God.


Back to Basics – Jesus Christ and Him Crucified

From time to time, we need to have a refresher to get back to basics in our discipleship. The foundation of all our service to God is based on Jesus Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection. Our salvation by Jesus Christ on the cross, by grace alone, is the central theme of the entire church. When we consider that we have been saved by Jesus Christ alone, then we are called upon to walk worthy of the vocation wherewith we are called.


Walking, Leaping & Praising God

Visiting minister Elder Mike Rodgers delivers a stirring message about the healing of the lame man at the temple in Acts 3. As we put ourselves into the sandals of the men in this story, it is amazing to think that Jesus most likely passed by this man many times going into the temple but did not heal him. God was waiting for an even more powerful moment that his healing was a cornerstone of the establishment of the early church. We also learn how we need to have the right expectations in our life to where we can leap and praise God for his spiritual healing in our lives!


Dealing with Discouragement, Depression & Suicide

It is a very common struggle for God’s people to deal with discouragement, which can lead to depression, and even suicidal thoughts. God’s word gives us great instruction for how we can overcome these common challenges. We consider these struggles together to renew our hope in God and by God’s grace overcome these challenges and rejoice in Jesus Christ.

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Charity: The Pinnacle of Christian Discipleship

We see from the New Testament scriptures that the pinnacle of Christian maturity and perfection is agape love, charity in action. We need to be growing towards a love like Jesus Christ, a sacrificial deference to others over ourselves. We are never more like Jesus Christ than when we show love to others who are not worthy of our love.


Parable of the Ten Virgins

In light of the second coming of Jesus Christ, we can learn from the parable of the ten virgins. In waiting for the coming of the bridegroom, all ten of the virgins fell asleep being watchful. Five of those virgins were diligent in preparing oil for the long watch. Five foolish virgins did not bring the proper oil and their lamps went out when the bridegroom came. Let us trim our lamps with proper oil to be prepared to welcome Jesus Christ at his second coming.


Parable of the Marriage Feast

We see another parable of the kingdom of heaven of an invitation to the Son’s marriage feast that primarily rebukes the Jews who rejected and ultimately killed Jesus Christ and his apostles. Then, we see the Gentiles invited into the feast, and they joyfully come. There was one attendee who did not adorn the proper marriage garment, who was cast out. Let us come unto the marriage feast with the proper garments that are glorifying to our Lord.


Loving Your Brother

If God is Love, then to follow after Christ, we must follow his example to love others as Jesus Christ has loved us. If we hate our brother, how can we truly say we are following Jesus Christ in sincere discipleship? The church is called to love one another as Christ has loved his bride, and gave himself for it. One practical way we give our life for our brethren, is by giving up our natural goods to help those that are in need.


Parable of the Vineyard Workers

Jesus gave us a parable of vineyard workers going out into the fields at different times of the day, but ultimately receiving the same compensation, according to the will of the master. We are prone to the same pride and superiority as the original Jews, to think we have more rights and privileges in the kingdom than those who have just arrived, like the Gentiles. Every member and person in the kingdom of heaven is equal, Jew nor Greek, bond nor free, rich nor poor, male nor female, but we are all one in Jesus Christ in the kingdom.


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