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Saved by Hope

The child of God is very prone to be discouraged from time to time in this world. During those challenging times, that’s when it is so necessary to have hope, the anchor of our soul, sure and steadfastly ground in the Lord. We receive deliverance and joy and truly salvation even in the midst of sorrow when our hope is revived in Jesus Christ.


Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

It is natural to question “why” bad things occur to those who are trying to live a good and godly life. How can a good, holy, and righteous God who is fully sovereign suffer or allow such bad things to occur in this world? This is a very challenging question. To reach the proper answer, we must approach the question from the proper perspective – that the reality is that man is not good by nature, we are sinful and corrupt, and that this world is broken and sinful and any good in this world comes down from above from God. When we have that understanding, we can approach trial with the proper perspective, to not wonder “why” things happen but focus on the “Who” (Jesus Christ) that will sustain us in the midst of it.


Learning Contentment in Giving to Others

When we are truly content with our possessions and finances, we can use what we have been entrusted with to help others. God has freely given us the unspeakable gift of eternal life, even though we can never do anything to deserve it or earn it. With that amazing gift in mind, we use what God has given us to freely give to others to help them in their time of need.


Anonymous Heroes of Faith

The majority of God’s people in history have not been seemingly larger than life figures like Abraham, Moses, David, Paul and Peter. Instead, the majority of God’s people are anonymous and obscure in this world, living quiet, humble, godly lives and not exalted in this world. These anonymous heroes of faith have suffered great trials and persecution by faith, honoring the Lord and setting their mind by faith on the world to come.



When we see the great debt we were unable to repay in our offense to a holy God and we have been forgiven of that penalty of death by nothing more than God’s free and sovereign grace, that knowledge changes how we forgive other people. We forgive others freely, without keeping count of how many times they have offended me. We freely forgive others for Christ’s sake, remembering the great debt that we have been freely forgiven in Jesus Christ.


Death by Man, Life by Christ

Visiting minister Elder Philip Conley explains the reason this world is filled with death, decay, pain and suffering. All the mess of this world boils down to the sin of one man – Adam – by one man death came into the world and corrupted all of mankind. However, on the other end of the spectrum, by one man – by Jesus Christ – came life unto all of God’s people by his resurrection of the dead.


Amazing Grace

Do we have a tendency to take God’s grace for granted? Has grace become ordinary and mundane in our live instead of amazing – where we stand perpetually awe-struck and amazed that God would bestow any unmerited favor upon undeserving sinners? We need to be reminded of just how “amazing” God’s grace really is toward his people. We don’t deserve anything of the Lord, but he has given us all riches in Jesus Christ by his sovereign grace.


The Providence of God

Visiting Minister Elder Luke Hagler reminds us of God’s providence that we have a tendency to take for granted in our lives. God protects his people from danger and from many perils in this world by his providence. We don’t need to take for granted where God is working behind the scenes in his providence to bless his children in this world.


The Faith of Gideon

We see the timid faith of Gideon who needed encouragement from the Lord by signs. He tested the Lord by needing signs instead of boldly walking by faith. Then, Gideon led Israel to a miraculous victory as only 300 men with lamps and trumpets defeated 135,000 Midianites. Gideon led them by faith to a mighty victory in defeating the oppressing Midianites.


The Faith of Joshua and Rahab

In the aftermath of lack of faith and unbelief of an entire generation in Israel that died in the wilderness due to a lack of faith, we see the faithful leadership of Joshua. We see the bold faith of Joshua to lead Israel to conquer Jericho in a very unique way. We also see the bold faith of Rahab to believe the promise of God to deliver her from her pagan homeland of Jericho.


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