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Under the Fig Tree

Nathanael was originally skeptical of Jesus Christ, especially since he was from Nazareth. When Jesus says he saw Nathanael under the fig tree, an intimate moment between just him and God, he immediately knows and confesses that Jesus was the Son of God. It is a blessed reminder that God sees us in every circumstance of life, even in our low, fig tree moments. God sees, knows, and blesses us in every circumstance of life.


The Good Samaritan

Visiting minister Elder Robert Adam considers the parable of the good Samaritan as Jesus’ clarification of what it truly means to love your neighbor. Love is the end of all the law – first love to God and then love to others. If we show partiality in our love, then we dishonor God’s law of love. Instead, we are called to show love to our neighbors, even our neighbors who might not return that same love to us, if the roles were reversed.


How Do We Evangelize? Part 3

We need to be willing to share God’s blessings in our lives with others we come in contact with that we may not know. Our joy of God’s grace in our lives should overflow to those we come in contact with. As the healed leper and dumb/deaf men, we should blaze abroad the blessings in our lives. As the Samaritan woman, we should be willing to even break social norms to share good news with others to come and see.


Come & See

Jesus Christ set the pattern for a simple invitation and evangelism with the original disciples – Come and see! When Andrew inquired about Jesus, he told him to come and see where he dwelt. Andrew and Philip followed that pattern as well, inviting their brother and close friend to come and see the Christ. We also can raise the bar to not just invite people to come and see, but to invite them into our lives to see the body of Christ in action.


How Do We Evangelize? Part 2

The primary way that God expands his kingdom is through personal, relationship evangelism. We are already natural evangelists. We already share good news that we are excited about with our family and close friends. Evangelism is just as simple as sharing God’s blessings in our life with our family and friends. We all have a story and witness to tell – we all once were blind, but now we see, and the only reason why is Jesus Christ!


God’s Word is More Reliable Than Personal Experience

Many times our personal opinion and emotions can dictate our decisions. However, our emotions and experiences can deceive us. We have to set the standard in our mind that God’s word is true and reliable, even more so than our personal experiences. Even if our mind deceives us regarding , we must conclude that God’s word be true and every man and our mind a liar.


Reviving Hope

2023 Fellowship Meeting. Elder Buddy Abernathy considers how our hope can be lost and wane from time to time. Thankfully, God is gracious to revive our hope. We are saved by hope and begotten again to a lively hope as an anchor of our soul, sure and steadfast.


The Love of God Manifested Towards Us

2023 Fellowship Meeting. Elder Larry Wise reminds us of the amazing love of God that was manifested towards us. God sent his only begotten Son to save us from our sins. Now, we are called to show that same love of Christ to others in our lives as well.


The Victorious Bread of Life

2023 Fellowship Meeting. Elder Joe Nettles takes the amazing victory of Gideon as an encouragement from fear. The dream of a loaf of bread gave Gideon the courage to defeat the Midianites. We see Jesus Christ as the bread of life that is broken for us. We can partake of Christ as the bread of heaven in communion with him in the kingdom of God.


Laying Up Treasures in Heaven

2023 Fellowship Meeting. Elder Ben Shettles reminds us of the necessity of our eye being single and focused on the kingdom of God. We do not lay up treasures for ourselves on earth that are corruptible, but instead we lay up true heavenly treasures in the kingdom of God that cannot be corrupted in this world.


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